The Skirt Did It All…. 

I am sorry for being a girl

I have to wear a skirt 

Can we exchange ? Please !

I’ll wear the pants .

You wear the skirt

But with the’ Skirt’ 

Here is the deal…. 

You will bleed for five days

You will be groped 

You will be leered upon

You will be defiled.

You made the rules 

You blame the skirt  …

But some body has to wear it

Laws of nature… 

It is me or you


leave my skirt alone

Or you wear it and… 

A deal is a deal

BTW…. You made the rules.. 

365 and one day

At the end of the day

‘thankful ‘is the word for all….

Some relationships were born with expiry dates…

checked and left them on the shelf itself

but still a few landed on my basket…

I will have to carry them along…

make sure they don’t spill over.

A few ‘they are just around’

Silent,but oh so assuring…

You ..among st many numbs my shoulder

for you add up to the weight

bittersweet you are……

Lucky ones entered from a big ‘I’

Darling! You forgot the better planet ‘We’.

Some left me wondering…

Have I encountered an alien?

and the search for the space ship is still on……

I had the pleasure of knowing the Third class

on the brink of being intelligent…hopefully very soon.

There were times….

“I am surrounded by idiots” borrowed from ‘The lion  king’

then realized.. I was the Great aunt of all idiots..

Pennies saved can hatch pennieggs

Tea seller crept with his magic spout

walked away with my pennies

and left nothing to rub against two..

Hubby Dear still asks…I hope you have nothing left…

Triply  vaccinated against  ice age old disease

looking forward to the impending maladies

My bankers are from Madame Xanadu

watertight….Salute to some Friends

members of advisory committee from Whatsapp.


Some colts sprinted blowing dust …

call me ‘Mamma’make way for your Grand Pappy

The Man came in search of the Missing Rib

left his soul too for safekeeping.

A few loved me for what I am…

and I love you too for what you are…


Lost a Parent….

my screen doesn’t flash…

Papa calling….

The ‘Birdie ‘ flew off

Empty nest  full of emptiness

echoes do make a lot of noise.

And that is it…

My 365 and one day……shutterstock_88421974

Merry Christmas ! Papa.

Are you happy there?

warm and snug,

Have you met Jim Reeves?

Do you sing along with him,

as always I have endless queries

never gave you time to answer.

You were sent with your favorite pens

dapper in  best suit.

I wonder what are you writing now…..

It was your time,well prepared

so you left with a smile

nothing has changed since then

Only the roof came tumbling down

‘Hand of God’ above us

with  folded hands, on your knees

Papa! I see you,Praying for us

First Christmas without you…

Merry Christmas ! Papa.

From all of us here… to everyone at your new home.christians-in-pakistan-prayers.jpg